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Crowded Place with People Moving
School Corridor with Doorways
Emergency Management and Plans

Emergency Management Consultancy

We specialise in emergency planning & response strategies to help safeguard your people, places and reputation.


Examples of our subject matter expertise areas are:


  • Lockdown, Active Armed Offender (& Other Option-Based Approaches)

  • Safe Exit Responses for Dealing with Aggressive or Threatening People

  • Trespass

  • Protest

  • Duress Alarm Activation & Response


With extensive experience in such areas, and related guidelines & legislation, we simplify processes and tailor plans to your specific needs. We can assess and update your current plans, or create new plans aligned to your risks, team and environment. 

Our consultancy and training is aligned to guiding documents and legislation such as; New Zealand's Crowded Places Strategy, Trespass Act,  Crimes Act, Summary Offences Act, Health & Safety at Work Act

We recommend that our response training is implemented as a rehearsal to any plans we create for you, and can incorporate this into a package for your organisation. If you already have plans in place, we can assess and update the plans if needed, and can work with you to conduct rehearsals. Please contact us to explore options.

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