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Leadership during critical and priority incidents must be positive, decisive and strategic.  Often the leader is required to take charge at a moment’s notice, under immense pressure, to manage an organisational challenge.  All whilst inspiring confidence and trust within their team.  More and more often, this needs to be done remotely.  And if that’s not enough, decisions and actions will then be subject to scrutiny.   


ACT  is "nut and bolts."  It's a sharp, effective course that provides your team with a tool to provide effective leadership during uncertain times.  It includes:


  • Self management techniques for crisis moments

  • Positive decision-making and formulating a plan

  • Creating and confidently delivering an effective team briefing

  • Planning and facilitating a debrief 


This one day course is student-centred.  It's facilitated by experienced, practical, qualified leaders.  Leaders who are experienced in working with high performing teams - often under pressure, always with strategic goals, policy and human capability in mind.

Lead's courses are designed to ensure they are engaging, relevant to your organisation and have meaning to your people - to ensure maximum impact and value. 

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