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Take Away Coffee


Our Training Is:


Authentic:  Our training facilitators draw on their wealth of authentic, practical experience in the specific areas of the training they facilitate, to help align the "why" for your teams - helping to embed the relevance to their roles.  We get great feedback about the ability of our training facilitation and ability to 'tap into' the individual needs of participants.

Action-Centred:  Our training is active and engaging.  Practical engagement begins from the moment the course begins, and continues throughout.  Learners will apply and demonstrate techniques learned, ensuring maximum learning value through  practical reinforcement.  

Adult Learning Based:   Our course are designed utilising Adult Learning Principles.  Learners reflect, share, align and apply the learning to their individual needs and experience.  We recognise the importance of knowing our audience; their roles, experiences, learning needs and abilities, to ensure their learning is fit for purpose.

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