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Furious man stand dispute with guilty waitress bringing wrong order, mad client couple get

Do Your Staff Deal With 

Challenging, Abusive or Non-Compliant People?


Conflict De-Escalation

Challenging people - whether internal or external stakeholders - can present a risk to your people’s emotional and physical well-being.  And if things don’t go well during an interaction, significant harm can be caused to your organisation’s reputation, integrity and culture. 

We can help you minimise this risk through the development of your people.

CoDE begins with reinforcement of ethical conduct, to ensure staff apply a “values centric” mindset to communication and interactions.  The course cultivates skills and techniques that ensure positive communication, to enable reputational and personal safety.

CoDE is a hands-on, one-day course which utilises adult learning principles throughout, to embed practical skills.  It will help your organisation to:

  • Ensure ethical and professional response from staff faced with challenging people

  • Align staff to values and Code of Conduct when communicating in challenging situations

  • Reduce personal and reputational risk during communication with challenging people

  • Enable staff to communicate positively with non-compliant and challenging customers

CoDE is a one-day, student-centred course delivered by professional, authentic trainers with a wealth of conflict management experience.  Our training is designed to enable RELEVANCE, ENGAGEMENT and MEANING, ensuring maximum impact and value.

We include a FREE pre-course consultation to ensure your teams' training is specific to their needs.

Are your requirements different?  No problem!  We'd love to discuss how CoDE can work for your organisation!

We genuinely want to help minimise risk to your organisation and people! CoDE and SaW (Safe @ Work) are partner courses, which we recommend attending concurrently - to enable a total human risk management programme for your staff.

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