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Are Your Staff At Risk Of Armed Robbery?










ARMD is a “nuts and bolts,” half-day course, designed to help your staff minimise the chance of a robbery occurring, and manage both during & after a robbery incident, should it occur.  The course is designed and facilitated utilising over 20 years actual experience attending & investigating robberies; the chaotic scenes, the traumatised victims and witnesses, and the desperate perpetrators. 

ARMED is delivered in the workplace, to enable practical application to the working environment.  A “live” simulated scenario can be incorporated, if appropriate to your team (video clips are used if preferred).

The course is authentic, fact based and lively, ensuring maximum ENGAGEMENT, RELEVANCE and MEANING to your team.


ARMD will:

  • Deliver facts and perspective about robbery (and other crimes) relevant to your organisation

  • Align participants to the mindset of a perpetrator - to help embed risk management options

  • Develop staff awareness of the potential for robbery in the workplace

  • Assist staff to adopt a risk management approach, to minimise the chances of robbery - and similar crime -occurring in their workplace

  • Enhance the ability of staff to respond and recover, in the event of a robbery in their workplace

ARMD can also be delivered as part of a keynote presentation around crime prevention if desired.

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