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Do you need to manage risk to staff

who engage with members of the public? 

At Lead Consulting, we’re all about looking after people and organisations.  Human psychology (and decades of experience!) tells us that staff who engage with other human beings can be at risk of physical and emotional harm. The result of that harm can impact the well-being of your people, culture, integrity and reputation. 


We can help you minimise risk to staff in their workplace - whether your teams work in the great outdoors, a public building or library, site, on the streets, at a public counter or in an interview room.


SaW is a practical, 'no fluff' course which begins with enabling a ‘feel safe, be safe’ mindset, helping to develop a culture of “around here, we look after each other.”  In other words; prevention.   SaW teaches mindset, cognitive and practical skills to minimise the risk of harm to staff who engage with members of the public. 

The course is based on active engagement from the moment it begins.  Skills and techniques are developed as the day progresses, and the course culminates with scenario training.   This applied learning technique helps embed skills and knowledge, whilst applying a safety mindset to empower decision making.

SaW will assist your organisation in enabling staff to:

  • Cultivate a safety-centric workplace culture

  • Manage their workplace with a safety mindset

  • Detect and prevent risk presented by people in the workplace 

  • Apply a risk management approach to any physical working environment

  • Manage risk in the event of a threat or a volatile situation

  • Apply safe response techniques to aggressive or threatening behaviour​

​SaW is a one day, student-centred course delivered by professional, authentic trainers with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  Our training is designed to enable RELEVANCE, ENGAGEMENT and MEANING, ensuring maximum impact and value.

​We include a FREE pre-course consultation to ensure your teams' training is specific to their needs.

​Are your requirements slightly different?  No problem!  We'd love to discuss how SaW can work for your organisation!

We genuinely want to help minimise risk to your organisation and people!  Our SaW and Conflict Management and De-Escalation (CoDE) are partner courses.  We recommend attending the two courses concurrently to enable a total human risk management programme for your staff.

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