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The purpose of EVOLVE is to help enable stakeholder trust and confidence in your organisation by enabling high performance of your people - through enhanced leadership capability.

Often those who attain leadership positions are Subject Matter Experts in their roles, however have never had the responsibility of leadership, nor received any training.  That's where EVOLVE comes in.

High performance leadership is achieved by continual focus on three key areas:  Individual, Team & Organisation These key elements are blended into EVOLVE as follows:



  • Behavioural traits

  • Leadership style - traits and developmental 

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leadership communication principles and application

  • Human needs

  • Development of self and followers



  • Delegation

  • Feedback

  • One-on-one meeting facilitation

  • Positive team culture and mindset


  • Values, vision and purpose

EVOLVE is aimed at front line, developing and aspiring leaders.  Those who are responsible for leading your organisation's journey to achieving high performance team culture and organisational excellence. 


This 2-day course is a “no nonsense,” student-centred course, practical course.  It's delivered by experienced, practical, qualified leaders who have experienced the highs and lows & successes and learning points of leadership.

Lead's courses are designed to ensure they are engaging, relevant to your organisation and have meaning to your people - to ensure maximum impact and value.  

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