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Safe, Ethical, High Performing Teams

What We Do

What We Do

Lead Consulting provides superior services in staff safety & conflict management training, security consultancy, emergency event planning, and workplace investigation. 


Whether you're in the business of providing results for clients, shareholders or stakeholders, our wrap-around capability will help you manage risk to your people, the environment they operate in, and your organisation's assets and reputation. 

 Our training programmes will arm your teams with skills to manage personal risk and conflict when engaging with the public.


Our security consultancy and emergency event planning services help you manage risk to your teams, their environment and your assets.


If a breach of security, safety or staff conduct has occurred, our investigation service helps you establish fact and root causes. We'll advise and report, to help you prevent further breaches from re-occurring. 

At Lead, we proudly combine our experience and coveted skill-set with our N.Z. Government licensed security, investigation and protection services, to help you manage the security, safety and wellbeing of your people and assets.  

Check out our services below and contact us to see how we can help.

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 Emergency Planning

What People Say

I really think this course will also help build confidence and a 'safe feeling' within the team, as staff now feel better equipped to deal with challenging situations as they arise.

Supervisor/Course Participant, Local Govt. Agency

About Us

Craig Gilbert


About Us

As the Director of Lead Consulting, Craig's services are underpinned by three decades of practical experience and specialist skills.  He takes great pride in having extensive, authentic expertise as an investigator, adult training facilitator, emergency manager, security consultant, and people leader.  He is sought for his engaging adult training skills in such areas as situational/personal safety, conflict de-escalation, investigation, leadership and high performance team culture.   


Having represented a broad range of organisations from hospitality and telecommunications to policing and other Government agencies, Craig has experienced many team cultures, mindsets, security incidents and human beings!  He has delivered training to over 4000 staff in over 50 different organisations, including International Non-Govt Organisations, Central and Local Govt agencies and corporates alike. 

His 'behind the lines' exposure enables him to align service to needs, whatever your organisational requirements may be.

Craig is able to combine all this with trusted integrity, to provide superior training, consultancy and investigation services that will add value to your organisation and the people who make it tick.

Craig is a certified adult trainer, with a Diploma in Policing.  He is a qualified Detective, a certified Incident Cause and Methodology (ICAM/Health & Safety) investigator and a New Zealand Government licensed investigator, security consultant, personal guard, and property guard.


He is a member of the NZ Institute of Professional Investigators (NZIPI), NZ Association for Training and Development (NZATD), and NZ Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

He is also a Surf Lifesaving Saving NZ (SLSNZ) volunteer lifeguard and a member of his local SLSNZ emergency response team.

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